After Myofascial Release Treatment

After Myofascial Release Treatment....

You could feel tired, if so, if possible rest, and sleep.

Your symptoms could feel worse for a day or two.

You could detox, common symptoms are headaches, tiredness, frequent visits to the toilet.

My clients have reported to me that after a couple of days they feel taller, energised, flexible, to name a few.

Freeing the deep fascia in your body allows it to flow and glide.  It stretches you out. 

Your fascia covers, penetrates, fills, every part of your body, your muscles, organs, it is one complete web of deep tissue, without it you would fall over, it supports.

When you have tight, stuck, and congested area's of this tissue, it can put huge strain on your muscles, organs, bones causing stress, pain, poor posture, restrictive movement.  This can go on for a long time, our minds can get used to the distress and pain, and except them as normal, so when the cause of the symptoms are released, it can take the brain a short while to adjust.